This is Peak Macaya Coop

A non-profit cooperative serving the people of peak Macaya, Haiti, Vermont, and the World

Our Story

Haitian Coffee, Cocoa, And Original Artwork That Gives Back

Peak Macaya Cooperative provides educational, nutritional and medical services to the people of the Macaya Region.

Our Mission is to protect the Region, its Diversity, and its inhabitants through education, nutrition, and sound environmental practices.

As part of this effort, we founded a school that began with just 25 students, and has grown to more than 500. We provide eco-friendly education, along with daily nutritional programs and medical services.

All proceeds made from our products go directly to benefit and protect the Macaya Region.

Our Products

Haitian Cocoa

100% all purpose cocoa for drinking, baking, or snacking

Haitian Blue Artisan Coffee

All natural Artisan coffee grown on Peak Macaya Mountain

Original Artwork

Artwork by Peak Macaya Artisans

What we do

Recent work

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ALL proceeds benefit Macaya’s medical, educational, nutritional and environment conservation efforts